College’s new robotics lab opens doors to innovation, exploration 0

San Jacinto College will soon open a robotics lab that will enable students to sharpen skills in a rapidly expanding technical field… Read more here:



Student-faculty research team learning how sound can put out fires 0

HOUSTON – A student-faculty team from San Jacinto College and the University of Houston-Clear Lake (UHCL) are involved in experimental research that could eventually change how fires are extinguished during space expeditions. Members of the research team are experimenting with Acoustic Flame Suppression Mechanics, which involves using sub-woofers to manipulate sound waves to extinguish fire. [...]

What is Microgravity? 0

We’ve had a few people ask us… Why microgravity?  The name of the jet is Zero G, after all!  For those who would like to know the basic idea behind the term “microgravity,” NASA explains it very well on their website here:  What is Microgravity?

Expedition 16 crew on the ISS.  Credit: NASA


Team Vulcan Gets Its Own Logo! 0

Team Vulcan has officially obtained it’s own logo. Also serving as a flight patch for the team, the logo includes imagery which represents the two schools participating and also has a more subtle Star Trek reference (can you find it?) Let us know what you think of the logo. We always love to hear your thoughts and [...]